Endangered Species

"Can I build on my land?" This is a question many California landowners ask as they consider the impact land development will have on endangered and threatened species.

At the Law Offices of Kathleen P. Clack, our attorneys can help you determine what species are likely to be on your land and the steps you need to take to avoid harming their habitats. We must not only be mindful of what species live on a given area of land, but the species that need to travel through the land for survival.

We provide experienced environmental law representation to clients from the San Joaquin Valley and throughout California.

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The California Engendered Species Act (CESA) and the U.S. Endangered Species Act state that all native species threatened with extinction or experiencing significant decline must be protected.

For a farmer or developer with concerns about endangered species on their land, it is important to be proactive, getting the facts before investing capital into a costly project.

Our attorneys consult with scientists who help us determine the plant and animal species that may be affected by our clients' development projects. Whether you are at the early stages of development planning or have already encountered legal issues, we can provide you with the guidance and advocacy you need.


Our lawyers are well versed in the Endangered Species Act and other statutes affecting farmers and developers in California.

With law offices in Fresno and Pacific Grove, we help clients in California and throughout the U.S. who have environmental law concerns in state and federal courts. We are available weekdays from nine to five, and by appointment. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with a knowledgeable California endangered species and land use lawyer.