Soil Contamination


We all understand the desire to avoid soil contamination. However, we do not always agree on how best to avoid it or how to balance the interests of landowners with government regulations and the public interest in general.

Landowners must be diligent in avoiding soil contamination. A misstep or oversight could prove costly, resulting in steep fines, the abandonment of costly investments and more.

At the Law Offices of Kathleen P. Clack, we provide landowners with knowledgeable legal guidance to help them understand soil regulations, and how to achieve their land use goals without encountering environmental law problems. We represent farmers, developers, business owners and other landowners in a broad range of environmental law matters.

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Agricultural soil contamination can occur from abiotic sources such as fertilizer and pesticides as well as biotic sources such as manure and other biosolids. Farming practices such as unhealthy soil management and faulty irrigation methods can also contaminate the soil.

Our attorneys help clients achieve the maximum benefit from their farmland while satisfying the legal and regulatory requirements concerning soil contamination. We are well versed in the Comprehensive Environmental Response (CERCLA), also known as the "Superfund," and other state and federal environmental laws.

We are adept at resolving environmental law disputes through creative negotiation, helping our clients avoid costly litigation. When litigation is the only way to achieve the desired result, we are always prepared.


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