An Agriculture Attorney Who Grew Up In The Heart Of California Farm Country

Agriculture is among the most important and most heavily regulated industries in California. For farmers seeking to make a living in California, environmental concerns are a constant potential liability.

At the Law Offices of Kathleen P. Clack, we provide experienced environmental law guidance to farmers throughout the San Joaquin Valley and across California. We also represent agricultural associations, irrigation districts and other parties facing agriculture and environmental law issues.

A Firm Understanding Of Farming Issues

Attorney Kathleen P. Clack grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and comes from a long line of farmers. She understands the financial pressures farmers face every day, as well as the challenges posed by labor laws, crop loss litigation and the wide range of other legal issues that farmers face.

We have access to an elite network of experts, including biologists, hydrologists, environmental scientists and experts in ground, soil and air pollution.

Experienced Environmental Law Guidance For California Farmers

Environmental issues can grind farm operations to a halt, curtailing growth, preventing development of new land and buildings and putting investments at risk. Farming is regulated by a complex net of federal and state regulations, and environmental laws are always changing. Our law firm helps farmers navigate this complex legal terrain, helping them avoid problems before they become costly liabilities.

We are prepared to address a broad range of environmental law issues for farmers, including those involving:

  • Environmental regulations — Providing guidance regarding regulatory compliance, litigating environmental claims and counsel on commercial transactions
  • Groundwater contamination — Representing clients in lawsuits and regulatory matters
  • Soil contamination — Guidance on soil regulations and how to achieve land use goals without encountering environmental law problems
  • Environmental risk management — Helping clients make informed decisions to manage environmental risks
  • Compliance with regulations governing use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals
  • Endangered species — Helping clients determine whether endangered species are likely to be on their land and the steps required to avoid harming their habitats

Work With A Fresno Lawyer Who Knows Farming And The Law

In addition to producing food, farmers must serve as managers, accountants, scientists and more. Our firm is committed to relieving some of that burden and allowing farmers to focus on the work they love. We are prepared to handle your immediate concerns as well as provide you with ongoing legal guidance.

Call 559-554-1507 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We will provide a candid assessment of your situation and recommend an effective course of action.